Adventures in Dating

Anytime you go on a date or accept one for that matter, it can be an adventure.  After all, you just never know what may happen.  You may go out on a date with someone that you’ve been “dating” for a period of time, or it may be a “first date”, and you don’t know the other person at all.  Either way, adventure awaits you.  Having a good sense of humor helps tremendously.  Well, that and being able to roll with the punches that life throws at you.

For example, I went bowling with a date one time.  As I went to release the ball, my thumb stuck in the hole and I ended up following the ball halfway down the lane (on my belly, of course).  As my date scrambled over to see if I was hurt, I sat up and was literally shaking with laughter.  He started to laugh also, because let’s face it, it was pretty damn funny, so I challenged him to see if he could knock down as many pins as I had with the same move.  He declined, saying that he didn’t think he had “my flare and grace.”  Chicken!

Another adventure in dating was the time a date had taken me out for my birthday.  We ended up at a bar where he proceeded to get drunk and pick a fight with some other guy.  When this guy threw a punch at my date, my date ducked but unfortunately, I didn’t.  Yep, I guess you could say I “rolled with the punch” literally on that one!  The date itself sucked, but so many other guys at the bar were nice and protective towards me that it made up for the idiot I was with.  They made me laugh while the police and bouncers were breaking up the brawl.

Then there was the time I was working as a bartender.  The guy I had just started to date came in to see me and his entire family showed up. Now I had only seen this guy about 3 times and all of a sudden there are 20 people in my bar to check out who their “boy” is interested in.  Talk about being put on the spot.  He was mortified, but I just laughed it off.  I figured that if we continued to date, I would end up  meeting his family eventually, so at least this way, it was over with at once.  For me, the mortification came a little later when I inserted my foot in my mouth.   We were all joking around and having a great time and the guy I was dating (who happened to be sitting next to his mother), choked on something someone said.  Me, being the wiseass I am, snapped off the typical one liner that I would use around most of my friends.  “SWALLOW, DON’T SPIT, BABE!” with a  wink.   All eyes turned to me, and my date’s almost bugged out of his head.  AWW SHIT!  MOM!  She looked at me, and I looked at her and I shrugged. What could I do? I just rolled with it.  I told her he loved it when I talked dirty to him, and asked if she wanted a refill.  She fell out laughing, and told me I was breath of fresh air because I kept it real.  I think she was more impressed with the fact that I didn’t get flustered by a slip of the tongue.

Life is an adventure and so is dating.  Getting the most enjoyment out of it is what really matter, IMO.  Not everything will go perfectly, but if you have a good sense of humor and a positive attitude, you can still manage to make the most of any situation.

I have a date tonight.  I don’t know what will happen, but I do know that it will be an ADVENTURE!  Wish me luck!


This blog was written by me previously and is added here for content.

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